Peloton x Kindred

Get yourself a new bike AND feel warm and fuzzy by supporting one of our Kindred community

The team at Peloton came to us with a great idea to support the Kindred community. They’ve already been busy supplying key workers with bikes during lockdown, and are now donating a custom-finished bike every other week, which we’ll auction to support the Kindred community.

North Liverpool-based Positive Futures Homes is a new social enterprise. It’s built on a successful project that supports personal development in young people by offering sport, arts and education. Now, the team has been working really hard on a new Children’s Home, investing in their long-term positive futures.

It needs to kit it out with everything from bedroom furniture, bedding and bath towels to kitchen kit, crockery and cutlery and cleaning products. So, this week the proceeds from the sale of Peloton’s amazing tandem will go to support the home’s opening, and all the young people who’ll be given a good chance by their amazing work. Find out more on their website…

This weeks bike is a lovingly refurbished and reimagined tandem – a bicycle made for two! Whether it’s a parent and child or a couple who’ve been locked down indoors for nearly four months, this beauty will get the wind in your hair. It features:

  • six-speed new wave tandem
  • disc brakes on the front for extra stopping power
  • puncture-proof tyres
  • sprayed in space-age silver

Just DM us your bid for the bike on Twitter, or drop us an email here

About Peloton

Peloton Liverpool aims to create a cycle industry which serves the people of Liverpool, keeping money, ideas and skills in and for Liverpool.

The team creates projects using a scatter approach, to get a wider understanding of what’s required to create a true sustainable cycling culture. A business with social purpose right at its heart, it runs bike maintenance hubs and workshops, bike building classes for people in recovery and creates cycling opportunities for young and older people. It also runs Agile Liverpool, a cargo bike courier service, which you’ve probably seen delivering laundry and food across the city during lockdown.

Want to find out more about Peloton? Head over to their website.

DM us your bid! Send us a message on Twitter, or bid by email here

Get your bids to us before 6pm on Friday 10th July, when we’ll notify the highest the bidder.

Week one

Our first Peloton collaboration supported Therapeutic Garden.

As a complementary therapist, Jan’s work has been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and she falls into a group of people who haven’t been supported by government intervention. So, to give Jan a lift and help her through this tricky time, the money raised by selling the bike went to support her work. Find more about her on Facebook.