Introducing Jennifer Van der Merwe, Kindred Director

Earlier this month I had the privilege of joining the Kindred LCR team as Director.

Kindred LCR is in its infancy, but has already had a significant impact on communities by nurturing and encouraging socially trading businesses to grow and develop. Over the past several months, Kindred has supported over 20 organisations to become better businesses, increasing their social impact, and growing the social economy across the region.

I am proud to be continuing the great work that has already taken place, and build upon Kindred’s core values of collectivism, collaboration and social impact.

Although born and raised in Liverpool, I have over ten years’ experience of working with community-based organisations internationally. More recently I’ve also had eight years’ experience of running a local socially-trading organisation, which focused on youth and community work. I have a background in social policy and working with people to create positive change.

I am passionate about working with STOs across Liverpool City Region to develop a movement of pro-social businesses that support each other and share expertise. I will work to create an inclusive, diverse community of STOs, and support the emergence of new leadership across the region. I am looking forward to working to establish Liverpool City Region as an exemplar of a thriving social economy.

– Jen