Social traders

A film series about Black-owned businesses in Liverpool City Region

A few months back we set out to create a series of films that celebrated the many Black-owned businesses across Liverpool City Region that do remarkable work for the community.

We’re a community-owned network of socially-trading businesses and individuals across Liverpool City Region and connect, support and harness local entrepreneurialism for social good. Our vision is to build a platform and an investment vehicle that is owned by the community that it serves.

Our work is designed by that community and inspired by its vision for the city region. It’s a place where businesses work to serve communities and the environment, as a collaborative community that works together to support one another’s growth, invests in its people and places and celebrates the diversity that makes our places uniquely interesting and our work possible.

Diversity is vital to this vision and Kindred will represent and serve all of the community with the aim of to helping them to better serve theirs.

We partnered with local filmmaker, Jernice Easthope, to produce this series. Now we’re launching it as a celebration of Black History Month, on our YouTube channel.

We hope you enjoy them.