What it’s all about

Want to know what a difference our bike auctions make to the city’s socially-trading community? Peloton approached Kindred with an idea to auction a bike to support the local community, gifting a bike every few weeks to support a different social business. Not only does the idea get people out and about using our new pop-up cycle lanes, but it gives a local business a cash boost too.

Hello Liz! A photo of Liz and her lovely new bike from her Twitter – https://twitter.com/elizboss

Liz won the last auction and is now the owner of a beautiful yellow city bike. “I’d been a supporter of green travel but never had my own bike before or been confident cycling,” she says. “I was starting to think about getting one during lockdown when I saw Kindred were auctioning a beautiful yellow sturdy set of wheels that had been given the Peloton treatment. It looked perfect! I’d been following Kindred and Peloton for a while and knew they did good things so was made up to see the money from the winning bid would be going to a support a fantastic local socially-trading business, Therapeutic Garden. I emailed my bid and was elated to find out the next day that I had won. I picked up my bike a couple of days later from Dan at Peloton who talked me through everything so I was happy enough to ride it home. I’ve been out and about on my boss yellow bike and it is so much fun, I love it! Nice one Kindred and Peloton for making it happen and providing support to a great business like Therapeutic Garden in the process!”

Jan runs Therapeutic Garden, and has been unable to trade throughout lockdown. The support from the Kindred community – alongside the money raised by Peloton gifting a bike for auction – gave her a real boost. “Today has been a tough day with the announcement that there is no date in sight for when I can start seeing my lovely clients,” she said when we caught up with her. “So when I received the money from Liz, for the bike from Danny at Peloton… knowing that as a group of people you all came together to help my business… there are no words except a heartfelt ‘thank you’. Your kindness has touched my heart and hopefully soon I can repay that kindness with what I do best, which is to give some much needed rest and relaxation in a therapeutic setting, whilst enjoying the many benefits of reflexology.”