Kindred membership

“What if we considered that the talent and creativity we need to create and maintain a vibrant place already exists locally, it just needs the conditions to grow and be nurtured?” Umberto Crenca

What if the same can be considered for all of the communities across Liverpool City Region?

What if we told you that this is not only possible but is already happening now? Would you want to get involved? Would you join us to help it grow and flourish? Would you pledge to help us bring this about?

Will you be Kindred too?

If you’re a pro-social business, join our Kindred community, and help us create an economy across Liverpool City Region that is kinder and fairer for all of us.

Kindred members get regular socials to support our peer-to-peer network, tell us what support you need and discuss ways we can develop Liverpool City Region’s social economy together. You’ll also get a monthly newsletter, packed with news, opportunities and events and regular connections into other activity that’s happening locally and nationally.